17 Mar

Airborne Electronics Analyst Jobs Vacancy in Royal Australian Air Force

Airborne Electronics Analyst
Royal Australian Air Force
17 Mar, 2018 30+ days ago

Royal Australian Air Force urgently required following position for Airborne Electronics Analyst. Please read this job advertisement carefully before apply. There are some qualifications, experience and skills requirement that the employers require. Does your career history fit these requirements? Ensure you understand the role you are applying for and that it is suited to your skills and qualifications.

Follow the online directions, complete all the necessary fields, and provide all relevant information so your application is submitted correctly. When you click the 'Apply this Job' button (open in new window) you will be taken to the online application form. Here you will be asked to provide personal and contact details, respond to employment-related questions, and show how you meet the key selection criteria.

Airborne Electronics Analyst Jobs Vacancy in Royal Australian Air Force Jobs Details:

It's dusk. You're cruising metres over the Indian Ocean at 500Kmh suddenly; you detect a new contact on your radar.
Is that small dot an enemy submarine or a false contact? Your fellow crew members aboard the P-8 Poseidon Maritime Patrol aircraft eagerly await your analysis. As you direct the aircraft to investigate the contact you use the Electro Optics to assist in classification. It's a giant school of fish, a false contact. Your aircraft resumes its patrol. You're an Airborne Electronics Analyst - an AEA.
So what is an AEA?
AEAs are part of a team with responsibility for the surveillance of Australian and International waters. AEAs are employed on either a long-range P-8 Poseidon Maritime Patrol Aircraft or an E-7 Airborne Early Warning Control (AEWC) aircraft, are highly trained people who work with some of the most sophisticated electronic surveillance equipment in the world. Roles performed by the aircraft include Anti Surface Warfare (ASuW), Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW), Intelligence, Surveillance Reconnaissance - maritime overland (ISR), Strike , Search Rescue (SAR).You aid in the detection and identification of warships submarines (ASuW/ASW), illegal fishing large merchant vessels (MISR),as well as Search Rescue (SAR)operations.
As an AEA you are continually receiving and analysing information that is crucial for the success of the mission. The aircraft's tactical employment is directly determined by your analysis of incoming data.
AEAs work with a complex suite of sensors. Radar is used in surface surveillance, detecting classifying contacts such as submarine periscopes warships, weather analysis avoidance, terrain avoidance, classifying contacts for Harpoon missile targeting and search and rescue. The Electro Optics sensor is used to detect Infrared signatures of targets. It can be used to analyse and classify targets during both day and night. The Electronic Surveillance Measures (ESM) sensor is used to search for, intercept identify electromagnetic emissions; Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) is used to identify friendly units and assist in maintaining separation from other aircraft, Acoustic sensors are used to detect, classify and track submarine contacts.
As you learn more about AEAs you'll discover what an important role they play in Australia's Defence. When you join an operational flying squadron at RAAF Base Edinburgh, you become part of an elite team, one of the best in Australia. Each crew member has a vital role to play and this is why there is a strong bond between the members of a maritime crew. Career flying opportunities exist beyond Maritime flying, within Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEWCs) at 2 Squadron (RAAF Williamtown) and potentially with future Multi-mission Unmanned Aerial System (MUAS).
If it all sounds quite involved, you're right. That's why we only select the best. The hours can be long, but rewarding and the conditions are great. When you're an Airborne Electronics Analyst, you are the eyes and ears of Australia.

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Airborne Electronics Analyst Jobs Vacancy in Royal Australian Air Force . Royal Australian Air Force opening great career opportunity and jobs vacancy for Airborne Electronics Analyst position. This jobs vacancy will be open for new jobs applicant starting for 17 Mar, 2018. You're an Airborne Electronics Analyst - an AEA. When you're an Airborne Electronics Analyst, you are the eyes and ears of Australia.... ... Continue reading -->